Published by Chris on April 9, 2015

Is gardening a hobby or a chore? Here’s one view about it…

Gardening is a hobby, a pastime, a favorite activity that keeps elderly persons engaged for longer time. With growing age, individuals usually lose strength and find themselves incompatible in anything productive, for them gardening is a good time pass. Researchers say that gardening help them revive their mental strength and reduce monotony. So today, doctors…

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Published by Chris on February 21, 2015

Laying out Garden Slabs in a Cost Effective Manner

Part of the process of garden design will involve some sort of base, be it made from slate chippings, gravel or paving slabs. Depending on which type of material you chose, you may want to see what the price differences of each are and map out which particular base unit allows for most coverage.  …

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Published by Chris on January 26, 2015

Paving Slabs in Gardens make perfect seating area foundations

Planning your next beautiful garden which looks to utilise paving slabs in many areas can be a tricky task, especially when measuring and preparing areas for paving to be laid. However the use of paving slabs in areas can be diverse. For example, when planning to update or modernise a garden, driveway, swimming pool or…

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Published by admin on November 19, 2014

A Detailed Overview of the Latest Modern garage Door System

Overlap garage doors are specially designed garage doors which provide the same benefits as a normally sectional door. The only difference is the fact that they are able to vertically open plus they operate without any form of internal / ceiling tracking. These doors are purposefully made and have so far proven to provide excellent…

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Published by admin on October 20, 2014

What to Consider When Choosing Patio Awnings

For most people, the patio is one of the most appealing places in a home, especially for those who reside in regions that have a hot climate. Patios are the place where good memories of their friends or family enjoying the outdoors or their children playing are formed. Many homeowners spend a significant amount of…

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Published by admin on September 23, 2014

Cosy Log Cabins

Log cabins range significantly in terms of sizing, and in many ways they’re similar to summerhouses. For example, they’re mainly constructed of pine and spruce, with glazed windows and felt roofs, but they’re more suited to winter weather. Summerhouses can be rather inviting, often with many windows and doors that open far and wide, while…

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Published by admin on September 16, 2014

Garden Fencing – The Options

Your garden fencing is more than just the boundary of your garden; it can bring style to your outdoor area, as well as privacy and seclusion. To choose the right fence, you must select the correct fence panel for your own individual requirements. Tall overlap fence panels will ensure your neighbours can’t peak into your…

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