Published by Chris on January 6, 2023

The Different Types of Soil

When looking to purchase soil, you are going to notice there are many different types to choose from. These include sandy soil, top soil uk, clay soil and loamy soil. Let us share with you what these are used for and their benefits. Helping you to discover which soil is going to be right for what you need.

Sandy Soil – This is one type of soil that is commonly available to purchase. As you would expect, this is a type of soil that has a sandy mix and texture. This soil will tend to be used for drainage systems as water can easily travel through it, whilst still trapping unwanted grime from going through the system. This is the poorest soil for growing plants in as it lacks the nutrients that plants need to grow. As well as not being able to hold water to keep plants hydrated.

Top Soil – This is another type of soil that is readily available from many gardening stores as well as online retailers. This is the soil that is perfect for growing plants in. It is the one you are going to commonly think of when considering soil. The soil that has a muddy texture. This is the soil for planting whether in pots inside or outside, or just in the ground. It comes with all the nutrients that plants require for growth. It also holds water well so your plants can always stay hydrated.

Clay Soil – As the name suggests, this is a soil that has a clay-like texture as well as contains clay. The particles in this soil are more tightly packed, making it have good water storage properties. We would not recommend planting flowers in this type of soil as there is very little movement room, meaning roots aren’t likely to flourish. This is the type of soil that is commonly used in gardens, especially new builds, but we would not recommend purchasing this for your own use.

Loamy Soil – This type of soil tends to be a mixture of all of the soils we have shared. It is possibly the best soil to purchase to get all of the qualities of each soil. This does not mean it is going to be best for growing plants, as top soil is always going to be best for this purpose. It is able to retrain nutrients and water but does not get too muddy which is why it is going to be more commonly used in farming scenarios.

What Soil Should I Choose?

Deciding what soil you should purchase is still going to be a challenge. You want to think about what the use for your soil is going to be. If it is planting flowers then top soil uk will be the best. If you are a farmer wanting to plant crops, go for loamy soil. Finally, if it’s for drainage, then sandy soil is going to be best. Making the choice does depend on what its main use is going to be.