Published by Chris on March 28, 2017

Tips on creating a wildlife friendly area in your own garden

In recent years more people have taken an interest in the environment, and many have started to see their garden as a place where they can help the local ecosystem. It is quite easy to make your garden a habitat that is ideal for wildlife to flourish. If you are someone looking to encourage wildlife to flourish in your garden, then there are steps you can take to help this process. You would probably love nothing more than having numerous species of birds visiting your garden and chirping away. By having a variety of trees and hedges, birds will quickly come and establish themselves. Besides consuming insects, birds can eat whatever you provide them by setting up bird tables. Birds also prefer to wash in water, so just about any water features you have will attract them as well as given them somewhere to drink.

When it comes to ponds in your garden, these are helpful for frogs and toads which can assist as a natural pest control around the garden. The way you set up your water feature can appeal to other animals as well. If you provide stones or rocks around your pond, it can provide protection for particular animals. If you want to ensure it is as friendly and safe as possible for wildlife you can take advice from a specialist who can help you do this based on what is possible in your garden.

Choose an area of your garden to leave logs and leaves , this will attract small warm blooded creatures, such as hedgehogs. When choosing the sorts of flowers and plants to grow in your garden, it is beneficial doing your research to find the specific types of plants or flowers that will attract certain types of insects or animals. By having the ideal combination of plants and flowers, you can have a garden that is full of different animals and insects living together in harmony.