Published by Chris on February 22, 2017

Tips on creating a rockery area in your garden.

If you think it is time to spice up your garden, creating a rockery area can bring your ‘back yard’ back to life. Building your very own rockery is easy and helps to bring out your creative side.

Choosing the best place for your new display needs some consideration, the location requires an area with adequate sunlight but also exposed to rainfall. Whether you choose a corner rockery or one along the edge of your garden, the principle of preparing the space is the same.

Start with a flattened soil area, Line the bottom with a felt sheet to stop the weeds coming through. Build up the area with Rocks. Arranging the rocks to create an eye pleasing design. Between the rocks, the soil needs to be of good quality to set your chosen flowers in.  Flowers should vary in colour and style; rockery’s look great with some crawling plants too.