Published by Chris on August 2, 2017

Importance of Wooden Garden Gates

Keeping unwanted guests out? That is to mark out a clear outline around your house; this thinking probably dates back to the days of old with fortresses around castles. Enough of the psychology anyway I’m sure you get the picture! These days though the need for an outline for your garden is a mere polite reminder to passers buy that this is your land and wooden garden gates also give you entrance to that.

A well-kept garden with a nice wooden gate also keeps up the appearance of your home, and indeed your neighbourhood which deters would be vandals. Have you ever wondered why certain areas have lots of graffiti and broken windows? One of the main reasons is because people have stopped caring and things don’t get repaired or kept in order. This sends out the signal that vandalism is ok in this area, so instead why not send out a signal that your area is respect by having a lovely garden and a wooden gate to complement it.

Keeping wanted guest in

Of cause I don’t mean chain the garden gate so that nobody can get out, that would be a sure fire way of getting the neighbours talking….not to mention getting you a flying visit to a courtroom! They wanted guests that you may want to keep in our children of your own or children who are guests playing in your back garden. Just as a fence and garden gate can be a polite reminder to people walking past that your garden is private property it can also be a hint to children that they should not go out of your garden. A taller timber gate may also be too big for a small child to reach the latch on which makes doubly certain they will not be going and getting themselves lost.


Guests that you want to keep in your garden could also be of the animal kind too. How annoying would it be if you didn’t have wooden garden gates in your garden and you had to go running after your dog every few minutes? It also means that as long as you don’t mind getting your pooper scooper out now and again that you can leave your dog free to go in the garden while you watch coronation street! This saves you having to go for the dreaded long evening walk with the dog every night.

On the other side of the wooden garden gates, you also want to keep stray pets from wandering into your garden. It’s one thing getting the pooper scooper out occasionally for your dog, but it’s another thing entirely clearing up after every dog on the block! Animals may also stray into your garden to eat your plants if there’s no wooden gate there either.

What’s the final reason all gardens should have wooden garden gates?

Well, the final reason is that they are too cheap not too! Metal or iron gates tend to be quite expensive although wooden gates can be made quite decorative from the simplest of designs. This means that fancy moulding and hours of designing are not required which means you can quite easily pick up a wooden gate starting from as little as £50.