Published by Chris on May 25, 2017

Changing your garden from lawn to paving

Are you deciding to have paving slabs in your back garden and completely get rid of your lawn?

Well it is certainly a low maintenance option as it works great in many different weather conditions. If you have made the final decision to have paving slabs, you must prepare your garden for them.

Firstly, dig up all of the grass and soil from the area, making it deep enough to take the slabs. Flatten the entire area, it is best to use a wacker plate (which you can hire), this will compact the dirt below and create a flat levelled platform for your slabs. You will need to stop any weeds growing through between the slabs, laying a plastic sheet should help prevent this problem.

Select the slab type and pattern you wish to lay, and plan out the design before cementing the slabs down. Once you are happy with your final design, you can then make it permanent. Do not walk on your new tiles until they are completely set, now you can relax knowing you no longer have to get out the lawnmower.