Published by admin on October 20, 2014

What to Consider When Choosing Patio Awnings

For most people, the patio is one of the most appealing places in a home, especially for those who reside in regions that have a hot climate. Patios are the place where good memories of their friends or family enjoying the outdoors or their children playing are formed. Many homeowners spend a significant amount of money on buying patio furniture and accessories such as barbeque grills in order to enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors. One accessory that can help you to enjoy the outdoors more is a patio awning.

During the warm summer months, a patio awning or overhang can shield you from the sun as you eat or chook outside. It can also protect your children as they play or protect you from the rain. The addition of an awning to your home can turn the patio into another room of the house. It can also enhance the appearance of your home since patio awnings come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

When buying a patio awning, you should consider a number of things so that you can get the most suitable awning depending on your requirements. One of the things to consider is whether the structure will provide the shade you need throughout the day. Choose an awning that is large enough to cover your entire patio. 

The other thing to consider is if an overhang is UV rated. Long term, exposure to ultraviolet light is dangerous. It can cause immediate effects like sunburn and long term effects like cataracts and sunburn. It is essential to ensure that you are protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light as you enjoy the outdoors. You should therefore opt for an overhang that has a good UV rating.

It is also wise to consider if an awning is able to offer automatic protection. Intelligent sun sensors are able to detect when the sun is out and operate an awning automatically, even if you are not at home. This can help minimise the fading of furnishings. Wind sensors on the other hand can retract the overhang automatically when they sense wind. This helps prevent damage to the awning and your home.

The other important thing to consider is if the overhang is durable. A patio awning is a big investment and you should therefore be sure that its components and fabric will withstand the weather. Choose awnings that are made with fabrics that do not fade easily and frames that are rust resistant. Aluminium frames are popular because they are lightweight and durable.

The other thing to consider is the style of your home. You should select an awning that suits that style. If you are not able to describe the style properly, you can carry a picture of your home and that of the patio area with you when going to buy an awning. With such a photo, a salesperson can help you select an awning that suits the style of your home.

You should also consider the operating mechanism of an awning. You can get an overhang that is retracted manually or one that retracts automatically. Retractable awnings can be rolled up when not in use. Awnings that retract automatically are easy to close and open but they cost more and require a power source. Therefore, consider if you are willing to spend more to enjoy the convenience of having an automatic retractable awning.

As you buy patio awnings, you should also consider if they come with optional extras such as patio night lights and heaters. These extras can enable you to enjoy the outdoors in the evening and in colder weather.