Published by admin on September 23, 2014

Cosy Log Cabins

Log cabins range significantly in terms of sizing, and in many ways they’re similar to summerhouses. For example, they’re mainly constructed of pine and spruce, with glazed windows and felt roofs, but they’re more suited to winter weather.

Summerhouses can be rather inviting, often with many windows and doors that open far and wide, while log cabins tend to be a bit more snug and cosy, but of course it depends on the design you decide on. If you want a place to relax close to nature all year round, then a log cabin is a really nice option, while you can modify the interior to suit your own tastes.

A couple of sofas, with a fireplace wouldn’t go a miss, while larger cabins may have different rooms and patio outdoor patio areas, and it can actually feel like an extra getaway home right in your back garden.