Published by admin on September 16, 2014

Garden Fencing – The Options

Your garden fencing is more than just the boundary of your garden; it can bring style to your outdoor area, as well as privacy and seclusion.

To choose the right fence, you must select the correct fence panel for your own individual requirements. Tall overlap fence panels will ensure your neighbours can’t peak into your garden, but they can block out some light, while picket fences simply create a border, but they do not block any views of your garden.

Diamond lattice fencing is really nice if you don’t want to prevent views of the surrounding countryside, while it can tidy up different areas subtlely, such as seating areas, lawns and vegetable patches. There are different fences available for different requirements and you must make sure you consider your options because it’s a long lasting garden feature, and it does affect the style of your outdoor space.