Published by admin on September 15, 2014

Up And Over Garage Doors – The Many Versions

The need to enhance your garage security and discretion has always been emphasized on. It is for this reason that companies are using technology to come up with modern garage doors. Up and over garage doors are currently being used by a great number of people as a way of enhancing security in their garages.

You might wonder how up and over versions of garage doors operate. The door is simply a panel that rests on the front part of the garage when closed. However, the opening system is quite different from others. This is because such doors rise above and rests over your head. One of the interesting things about this category of garage doors is that they do not pose any challenge when opening. This is because they are mechanised while others are even automated.

Which Are The Gear Types Used In up And Over Doors?

Like earlier stated, up and over garage doors are usually mechanised. In this regard, they use gears to open up and close. There are two broad types of gears used by this category of garage doors. They are:

• Canopy Gears- This happens to be the type of garage door gear that most people prefer. This is because it is easily operated hence opens and closes fast. Basically, such gears operate the garage door from the sides with the help of spring loaded cables. They are usually available in sizes of 8 feet wide in UK.

• Retractable Gear- In most cases, this gear type is applicable in garage doors which are remote controlled. Basically, the gears operate from the side of the door. The door is guided into the garage via horizontal rails. Important to note, the wheels found in this type of door are meant to keep it stable and on track.

What Are the Common Materials Used In Making Up and Over doors?

There are different materials used in making up and over garage doors. It is therefore for you to choose the up and over door that matches your specifications. The bottom line is to ensure that your garage is kept safe for your cars. Here are the common materials used in making such doors:

• Steel- The material is usually preferable for the fact that it is corrosion resistant and completely secure. It is possible to get such a door with premium grade galvanised steel and with different finishes.

• UPVC- These doors are usually made of strong flexible plastic. In most cases, UPVC up and over versions are used to complement the design of your home. They can be easily customized to match your specifications.

• Timber- The good thing about garage doors made of timber is that you have a wide range of options to choose from. You can opt for those made of mahogany, cider, oak among others. Additionally, wood can be easily customized and decorated to match your taste.

• Fiberglass GRP- The low maintenance cost incurred by this type of garage door makes it the ultimate selection for most people. They are also very beautiful hence making it a complementing factor for your home. Important to note, these doors are available in different finishes.