Published by admin on August 27, 2014

Get rid of those weeds once and for all

Weeds are a nuisance in our gardens and sometimes you’ll find that those home remedies just aren’t working. To make sure you remove weeds effectively we’re providing you with a collection of tips. Firstly, pull out the weeds when it’s wet and you’re more likely to get the root, but if you can’t be patient then just take more care when it’s dry.


You can remove the heads of the weeds if you can’t get all the way down, and though this is a temporary solution, the spread will be reduced, and you can then get the remaining weeds when the weather is wet. It’s also important to be carefully when you’re watering your plants. You don’t want to give life to weeds, so try to only hydrate the plant and not the weeds.

Finally always finish the job with a spot of weed killer, it can help but just make sure it’s not too close to your beloved plants, because there have been many weed killers that destroy beautiful plants.