Published by admin on November 19, 2014

A Detailed Overview of the Latest Modern garage Door System

Overlap garage doors are specially designed garage doors which provide the same benefits as a normally sectional door. The only difference is the fact that they are able to vertically open plus they operate without any form of internal / ceiling tracking. These doors are purposefully made and have so far proven to provide excellent security as well as insulation. In fact, in addition to all of the above, these doors also reduce internal intrusion by up to 50%.

Another good thing about this type of doors is the fact that: the resulting internal space that is created makes it very easy to take full advantage of the garage space plus door clearance is significantly optimized not only in height but also in width. As strange as it may sound, these garage doors only require 200 mm headroom. It is equally interesting to note that: the overlap system on the other hand is fitted with the Silmotion operator fixed in the head-bar. Generally speaking, overlap garage door systems operate without any visible tracks.

Why choose Overlap?

  • The overlap system features a clean and modern internal design which will help compliment the overall design of your garage as well as the rest of the house.
  • Characteristic Unique design
  • Guaranteed additional space
  • The absence of ceiling tracks helps create additional room making the garage more spacious.
  • Requires very minimal maintenance
  • The absence of springs in the system has reduced maintenance to a minimum.

How the overlap door system works

When opened, what happens is, the garage door, folds into half then turns below the ceiling in the process splitting into two sections: the upper one and the lower one. The latter slides below the former and the reverse happens when the overlap door is closed.

Technical Specifications

  1. The door system is trackless and made from two overlapping sections
  2. The frame is made from thick metal sheet
  3. The door operator is fitted onto the head rail
  4. Upon request additional handsets and receivers are provided
  5. Manual doors are fitted with double handles at an additional charge
  6. Most of the doors have their outer sides finishing done with eco friendly water based products. Metallic doors on the other hand are coated accordingly

At the moment there are several options when it comes to overlap doors. In fact, besides being available in different strains and paint colors, there are also custom made doors. As far as insulation is concerned, most of the doors are designed to be as thermal efficient as possible. In fact, these doors have been found to be at least 1/3 times better than traditional garage doors. To crown it all up these garage doors are even available with matching front doors.

From the above, it is clearly evident that overlap garage doors are designed to the highest specification, with absolutely no unsightly ceiling tracks and seamless integration during installation, these doors serve as a guarantee for additional space plus they come with an up to 10 year warranty. Regardless of whether you are interested in buying a home or even if you already own one, you should seriously consider having this beautifully designed piece of engineering to be fitted into your home garage entrance