Published by Chris on January 26, 2015

Paving Slabs in Gardens make perfect seating area foundations

Planning your next beautiful garden which looks to utilise paving slabs in many areas can be a tricky task, especially when measuring and preparing areas for paving to be laid. However the use of paving slabs in areas can be diverse. For example, when planning to update or modernise a garden, driveway, swimming pool or most other outdoor areas then one can use block paving or slab paving. Both of these materials can offer different design, styles and thickness of slabs making them versatile and suitable to almost any outdoor area.

Block paving, which is more commonly known in the gardening world, is more suitable for those areas in your home that need long lasting and hard wearing surfaces. One example could be a driveway where we would recommend the use of black slate paving slabs to appeal like tarmac which is the typical type of material laid in driveways.