Published by admin on February 17, 2015

What To Look For When Choosing New Garage Doors

Choosing roller shutter doors for your garage requires proper attention from you so as to get the best. You need garage doors that are reliable and stand the test of time. You also need doors that offer you a high level of security. If you are located in an area with a high traffic level, it is in your best interest to have resilient doors that act as a deterrent and can still keep intruders out. Insulation is also a very important attribute of the door you are looking for. You have a selection of two main shutter door types available in the UK.

The Selection Available

The single skin steel roller doors are one of the ones commonly available. They offer you the minimum in protection, insulation and privacy. They are the basic manually operated doors and they come spring loaded for ease of operation. The double skinned doors are the other locally available ones. They are made with individual slats of aluminium with foam filling the insides of the slats. You will choose a door dependent on your individual needs.


When choosing between the two doors, the double skinned aluminium doors are more durable because of the material they are made of. This is dependent on the production and maintenance. You find that with proper attention the single skin doors can last as long. You can ascertain the durability of your door by selecting one that has been made by a reputable manufacturer that has been in business for more than five years.

Ease of Use

You find that most of the single skin doors come in manual operation. One can always request for it to be fitted with an electric motor. This will raise the cost of purchase. The aluminium doors come motorized and this makes them more convenient in terms of usage. Electric operated doors come with an even greater ease of remote operation from radio transmitters that work within a 20 meter radius. Double skinned doors also have a quieter operation because of the material they are made of.


You have a number of features that you are on the look out for depending on your budget. The double skinned door offers you greater insulation affording you savings. It retains both temperature and sound in significant proportions and offers greater protection in terms of security. The aluminium door is also more compact and does not use as much overhead room in your garage as the steel door. The single skin door offers you standard protection and when fitted with high standard locking mechanisms, both doors serve as good security.


When it comes to cost, the aluminium doors are on the higher side. This is because of their varied benefits mentioned above. They come valued at over 600 Pounds for single garage width doors. The single skin doors are offered at less than this price and this makes them more affordable.


You need to select a door that is fitted with proper safety features that give you peace of mind. Manual override is a feature you should look out for in roller shutter doors. This can be installed to be accessible both from the inside and outside. Ask your potential contractor of other features they may be having before you make up your mind on what you will settle for.