Published by Chris on May 29, 2018

Two Tips To Be Prepared For Summer

Cultivated soil will help your plants thrive, so make sure to do this before planting. Cultivating soil simply means to dig up your soil, turn it and drop it back down into the same hole. Do this over all your flower beds. If you have a lot of spare time in which you do your gardening, set aside a couple of hours to prepare your soil more thoroughly by digging an entire trench down the plant bed, and transport soil from one end to the other and vice versa. This will fully refresh the soil and give it some aeration.

Clean your tools before you start work. Before all the hard work kicks in, now is the time to ensure that all of your gardening tools and equipment are nice and clean and sharp ready for the warmer months ahead. It is true that clean tools last longer. Adjust the garden hose to maximum pressure to wash away average garden soil and a hard bristle brush for heavier clay soil. Once clean, apply oil to your tools to prevent them from rusting. It is best to rinse your tools regularly after use in order to keep them in the best condition.