Published by Chris on August 4, 2018

Late bloomers bursting with colour

As great as it is to have early bloomers to overcome the winter blues, it’s just as fantastic to have late bloomers too. Peony Tulips Bulbs fit into this category, they allow spring to go out in style, rather than with a sigh! With flowers in the style of a Peony, each large, soft pink ruffled bloom will add elegance and charm to your garden, whilst other tones include light pink and deep purple. It’s amazing how tall the stems are with these tulips, and an average Peony Tulip will reach 40-60cm, but the stems are strong and ready to handle the harsh British weather conditions. Double Late Tulip bulbs can be planted in autumn but they will flower in spring, so they really are a late bloomer!

So why choose these over another kind of tulip?

Well really it’s all about the colour you’re looking for, but you must also think carefully about where you’re going to position them in your garden. For example, if you were to just have taking up one small area of your garden border, then they probably won’t make the impact you’d like, so why not pair them up with other colourful flowers in pinks, purples, oranges and reds. You can then get a beautiful, vibrant area that will have you feeling happy and thinking about summer. That said, we feel it is important t touch on some of the disadvantages of planting this tulip here in the UK. For example, insufficiently cold winters and poor snow cover (like we had last winter) can result in Peony Flowering Tulips blooming in a single form due to poor root formation, but as we all know, this is common with most plants during such harsh conditions.