Published by Chris on April 28, 2018

Why do pubs and restaurants need good quality awnings?

Simply put, awnings are a roof-like cover that offers business facilities (such as a restaurant or a pub) an attractive look and shelter for their customers. Most businesses reap countless benefits by simply adding an awning to their business premises, and this is especially the case in the hospitality sector. So why is this the case?

Besides enhancing the appearance of your business, you can also add energy efficiency to your facility with an awning as it prevents sunlight damage and offers environmental protection. If you’ve already decided that awning is your ideal choice to protect customers from strong sun, window and rain, you have to know which awning is the right one. Here are various types of awnings you can now choose from:

Retractable awnings

When considering business awnings and canopies, retractable awnings are the perfect type of awning as they can withstand bad weather conditions and operate very quickly so you can have cover when you need it and remove the cover when you want to too. They can also extend the size of your business during summer periods especially if your pub or restaurant has a lawn, decking or patio space.

Fabric awnings

The fabric kinds of awnings are available in numerous colours and designs. The fabric itself plays an important role by branding the business in a local neighbourhood area. They can also easily maintained and bring a traditional feel as if in a local business district. There are of course so many different kinds of designs to choose from though, and you can choose a customised design if you wish with your brand embroidered, but at the end of the day, you need to pick a good quality material that will last for years to come so do your homework first to get a better idea on the kind of texture and cover you need.

Backlit awnings

Backlit awnings offer a fantastic first impression by an exceptional illumination throughout the day and the night. It not only combines the flexibility and charm of fabric but it also offers a high commercial sign of visibility.

Metal awnings

The metal type of awning will suit premises situated in the UK because they’ll stand up to bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, strong winds and hail. Due to their sheer sturdiness, they can be extremely durable and attractive for a business, whatever the weather.


Lastly, by choosing awning to enhance the appearance of your business can greatly assist in saving the environment in such that it results in lessening energy consumption which is of course normally environmental helpful. It also reduces the use of air conditioners that are responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. Finally, it also lessens the solar gained from the sunlight by 90%. There are endless benefits of installing awnings on your business, so now you know the advantages, find one that will fit your needs!