Published by Chris on July 20, 2020

Tropical Paradise At Home On A Budget

Oh, how we love the surroundings of the tropical beaches lined with palm trees. The relaxing feel sitting at a tiki bar, lazing on a hammock listening to the steel bands play. Getting this tropical feeling at home can be made possible with some clever hardy planting, decorations and seating.

Tropical plants and palm trees prefer dry sunny warm conditions. However, some palm trees can be grown here in the UK! There is the European fan palm, Trachycarpus fortunei that can be planted in English soil. Add some ferns, cordylines for that tropical lush feel.
Any bright colourful large flowers will add vibrant colours to your tropical paradise. Erythrina crista-Galli will give that red tropical vibe.
A palm leaf parasol, swinging hammock, coconut cups and some cleverly disguised outdoor speakers playing some subtle tropical music will give your garden that wow factor.
It is possible to make a tropical paradise at home, whilst on a budget!