Published by Chris on August 30, 2020

Small gardens and how to make the most of the space

When it comes to small gardens it can feel quite a challenge to provide a feel of space and interest.  Zoning a garden is important no matter what its size.  The idea is to have an area for seating or dining, planting and lawn space. 

Seating and Dining
Providing a seating area in your garden will give you a place to sit and relax.  Ideally place seating on a patio area or decking and keeping the lawn area clear an open

Planting into planters and pots can be placed onto the patio/decking area providing plenty of colour and interest.  Planting can be used to zone the seating area from the lawn area

The Lawn
Having a small lawn area is ideal in any garden.  Turf will give a lush cushion feel to your lawn however if the area is small you may prefer to use artificial grass as this will save you having to use a lawn mower.