Published by Chris on September 12, 2020

Bringing Animals To Your Garden

You may want to add more animals to your garden, whether this is because you like animals or want to help your children learn. You may not be ready to have pets. So what is other good ways to bring animals into your garden?

Bird Feeder
A good way to encourage animals to come into your garden is having a bird feeder. You can encourage your children to help make the bird feeder and bird table. Filling up the food every day or so will encourage lots of birds to come. This can also help to teach you and children about all the different types of birds as they enter, keeping a diary will be an excellent idea.

Planting brightly coloured flowers in your garden can also help to encourage different animals to come into your garden. Flowers will encourage bees and butterflies to enter your garden. Again giving you something to learn more about as you see them.