Published by Chris on October 20, 2020

Maintaining Your Garden In The Winter

We all know about how to maintain our garden in the warmer seasons like summer and spring. But when it comes to caring for our gardens in the winter our minds can go blank! I am going to share with you some tips for caring for your garden.

Don’t Miss The Last Cut
It is extremely important that you don’t miss the last cut. By this I mean the last time which you can cut your grass before it becomes too wet to do so. This will put your lawn in the best position possible for the winter months.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Snow
Most people think that snow will ruin their lawns and soil. But this is not the case. Snow in fact can help to protect your soil. This works by it keeping it insulated.

Use Your Time Wisely
The winter months are the perfect time to leave your garden to do its thing. However, you should still use your time wisely. Have a clear out and clean all your tools.