Published by Chris on July 12, 2020

Will fabric awnings perform well in wet weather?

Most awnings are weather-resistant and can withstand light showers, while certain awning types are designed to be waterproof and may also help to guard your patio area. If you’ve already read up on veranda awnings, or waterproof awnings, you’ll likely know a few models that protect against high winds and heavy rainfall, yet provide you with a nice tidy shelter from sun and rain to really enjoy your patio or balcony area almost all year round.

The awning fabric has its own unique properties, which increase longevity, and supply added protection against rain, sun and changes in temperature. This suggests that you can still enjoy your awning without any fear of it becoming damaged.

Waterproof Awnings

Waterproof fabric awnings are often fitted with two front posts, helping to stabilise the awning while making it ideal for combatting unreliable British weather. The slender design of every post complements the planning of the cassette, creating a chic feature which may be used all year round.

Unlike a retractable awning, waterproof awnings also prevent the ‘pooling’ of water within the awning fabric, using unique design features to prevent excess rain water. The Markilux Pergola 110 / 210 may be a popular example of a water-proof awning with an adjustable front support in order that you’ll manually drain water, which is especially useful after an important rainstorm. So whether you’ve popped to the shops, or left for an extended weekend away, your awning can remain extended without any danger of injury.

  • Optimal rain protection
  • Sturdy construction for top wind stability
  • Large projections for extending areas
  • Generous shade protection
  • Extensive accessories including LED lighting, heating, radio control and sensors
  • Substantial Protection

A veranda awning is pretty much the complete all-weather solution. On sunny days it can provide a cool breeze throughout your home, helping you to relax and enjoy a moment without the hash sun, while also protecting against prolonged rainfall. Put simply, it will supply you with valuable piece of mind against unpredictable weather.

Each veranda awning has its own unique characteristics, with technical features that will be more suited to various building projects. Sophisticated customisation options can ensure increased sun protection and privacy, with no compromise needed on style or functionality. An awning can even achieve complete permeability by using adjustable blades to make a totally waterproof area. You can use the awning to make an additional room for entertaining family and friends, or to guard expensive patio furniture which could rather be exposed.

Waterproof Fabrics

There are so many awning fabrics that can provide further protection, ensuring a water-resistant coating to assist repel water. Special collections just like the Markilux Perla range are designed specifically to increased protection against rain, using high tech fabrics to make a transparent coating which is agreeable on the attention.