Published by Chris on July 23, 2016

Garden Storage – Top options

Gardening equipment like lawnmowers, trimmers, shovels, spades and ladders can take up a considerable amount of space, that’s why many people build outbuildings in their back gardens. If you need space to store your items, consider the following options:


If you don’t store vehicles in your garage,  using it to store this kind of equipment can free up room in your garden and it means you don’t have to worry about building a shed or workshop.


A shed is the most common option because it’s relatively easy to make and cheap to buy, and you can buy them in the size that suits you. If you have lots of garden equipment you’ll probably need a medium sized shed, but it will use up some of that open space in your garden.

Storage Boxes

These are only really suitable for small gardens, and they’re essentially boxes that can also be used as benches, so if you only need to store a handful of garden accessories, this could be fine option for you.