Published by Chris on August 12, 2016

Building your own shed

Okay so sheds aren’t exactly expensive, not if you’re looking to buy a standard sized shed for a relatively small garden. That said, the quality of a £300 shed will not be great. You may find cracks, lots of knots and splits, but when you make your own shed you can choose each and every panel and beam. You can cut everything to size, build a brick base, buy decorative doors and add in windows. Building a shed isn’t hard if you have a rough guide to go by, and the time you put into it will be much more rewarding. Why buy a pre-made shed when you can build one to a much better standard with higher quality materials. You’ll not only add value to your home, you’ll create a shed that will be there for generations to come, not just a couple of years. Of course, if you’re a complete DIY novice you may want to buy a shed or have someone build it for you.