Published by Chris on April 21, 2021

5 Of The Easiest Crops To Grow

While everyones opinions differ on the matter of which crops are the easiest to grow. We are going to share with you our top 5 of the easiest crops to grow, those that are perfect for beginners. Carrots During our time of growing crops we have found one of the easiest to grow is carrots….

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Published by Chris on December 11, 2020

Choosing The Ideal Home For Your Plants

Everyone has their ideal design for their garden, with a list of plants which they would love to be included. But one aspect which you do need to consider is where these plants are going to live. Today, we are going to discuss the two most popular choices. The first choice is creating a flower…

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Published by Chris on August 4, 2018

Late bloomers bursting with colour

As great as it is to have early bloomers to overcome the winter blues, it’s just as fantastic to have late bloomers too. Peony Tulips Bulbs fit into this category, they allow spring to go out in style, rather than with a sigh! With flowers in the style of a Peony, each large, soft pink…

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Published by Chris on May 29, 2018

Two Tips To Be Prepared For Summer

Cultivated soil will help your plants thrive, so make sure to do this before planting. Cultivating soil simply means to dig up your soil, turn it and drop it back down into the same hole. Do this over all your flower beds. If you have a lot of spare time in which you do your…

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Published by Chris on February 27, 2018

Garden flooring options ready for the summertime

Summer is just around the corner and long sunny days are perfect for spending time in the garden. Whether you enjoy gardening or spending time soaking up the rays you want to make sure your garden is looking good. Improving the look and feel of your garden can be simple and it is achievable whether…

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Published by Chris on November 17, 2017

Providing the perfect habitat for hedgehogs in your own back garden

Hedgehogs were once a common animal, but due to the decrease in available habitats, they are becoming extremely rare. Creating somewhere for hedgehogs to live in your back garden is very easy, all you need is an old piece of wooden board that you can lean up against the edge of your garden. Once this…

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Published by Chris on October 15, 2017

Getting youngsters into gardening

There’s a bit of a stereotype for a typical gardener. They’re over the age of 60 and they’re doing gardening as a form of physical activity, whilst it’s also a way of staying occupied. This may be true in some cases, however, gardening is loved by people of all ages, and what’s interesting right now…

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