Published by Chris on June 15, 2021

How Do Plants Grow?

Plants, something that every budding gardener wants to grow. With the aspiration being to have a wide variety of plants and crops growing in their garden. But how will our plants grow, and what can we do to encourage more plant growth?

Once you have decided upon what plants or crops you want to grow in your garden, follow our top tips for plant growth!

Firstly, you should always read the packet of the plants that you are trying to grow. Their labels will always share with you their specific care instructions. Whilst most plants do require regular watering, there are some expectations, so it is always good to have this in mind.

As we just mentioned, one of the best ways to encourage plant growth is regular watering. Like us, plants need goodness from the water to help them with their growth. Regular watering will help them to gain the nutrients they need. It is important to note that in hot weather you should only water the soil, as water the leaves can cause them to burn, which may kill your plant.

Another aspect to consider is that your plants will take time to grow. They will not come up after a couple of days. You will need to wait and be patient. Some of the best plants will take the longest time to grow, then all of a sudden they’ll be the biggest plant in your garden.

Another way to encourage plant growth is by talking to your plants. Whilst this may seem silly to some, it has been proven that talking to your plants can help with their growth. A simple, your doing a good job will help them to perk up and grow more.

These are some of our top tips for encouraging plant growth in your garden.