Published by Chris on July 13, 2021

Caring For Your Lawn In A Heatwave

In the United Kingdom, it is looking likely that a heatwave is going to be upon us in the coming weeks. So how, after so long in coldness, can we care for our lawn in a heatwave?

To care for your lawn during a heatwave you need to remember to give it plenty of water. It is important to remember that you should not water your grass during the day in a heatwave. This can cause your lawn to burn. Instead, you should wait to water it in the evening when it is much cooler.

You will also need to remember to keep your grass short. You can do this by regularly cutting your grass. This helps to keep it healthy and not overheated.

If you want your lawn to last the summer heatwave, remember to care for it. If not, be prepared for some hard work planting grass seed and caring for this in the coming months.