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Published by Chris on September 19, 2019

Choosing Commercial Umbrellas For Your Pub Garden

With the nicer weather around the corner, there’s enough time to decorate your garden. One way to do this is to use umbrellas in your pub. With the many benefits they bring, umbrellas are almost a necessity for your pub garden. When the weather is pleasant, you may want to give the guests at your…

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Published by Chris on September 19, 2019


As many people look for affordable solutions to add value to their houses, more and more are beginning to turn to their gardens as a way to add a little more value to their property. A common way of doing this is by adding some decking. There are many incredible ways available for you to…

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Published by Chris on May 29, 2019

How can natural wood add warmth to the exterior of your property?

We all know that timber offers designers a combination of aesthetic, environmental and sensible benefits, but what about the advantages of double wooden gates for the exterior of you home. How can you boost security with two layers of natural wood? Well let’s first get into the aesthetic benefits and these include: Timber is jus…

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Published by Chris on February 21, 2019

How do Retractable Roof Systems Improve Gardens?

Most gardeners hate extreme weather conditions such as intense heat, torrential rains and chilling cold. All such conditions act as a big obstacle in the growth of plants. If you’re one such gardener, you may want to invest in a retractable roofing system for your lawn or garden area. These systems present a number of…

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Published by Chris on August 4, 2018

Late bloomers bursting with colour

As great as it is to have early bloomers to overcome the winter blues, it’s just as fantastic to have late bloomers too. Peony Tulips Bulbs fit into this category, they allow spring to go out in style, rather than with a sigh! With flowers in the style of a Peony, each large, soft pink…

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Published by Chris on May 29, 2018

Two Tips To Be Prepared For Summer

Cultivated soil will help your plants thrive, so make sure to do this before planting. Cultivating soil simply means to dig up your soil, turn it and drop it back down into the same hole. Do this over all your flower beds. If you have a lot of spare time in which you do your…

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Published by Chris on April 28, 2018

Why do pubs and restaurants need good quality awnings?

Simply put, awnings are a roof-like cover that offers business facilities (such as a restaurant or a pub) an attractive look and shelter for their customers. Most businesses reap countless benefits by simply adding an awning to their business premises, and this is especially the case in the hospitality sector. So why is this the…

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