Published by Chris on September 21, 2021

New turf is the best starting point for a beautiful garden

The grass is always greener on the other side of a new sod lawn. But along with that lush colour comes a lot of work. Think of your garden as a blank canvas — you can shape it to your landscape’s design and landscaping needs. It’s also going to need more than just a little fertilizing and watering. You’ll have to mow it regularly into submission, and at first, it will probably look browner than the colour you want if not properly fertilised or watered. Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it is at first, but once your new lawn has been laid out and started growing for about six weeks, thoughts should start coming to mind like: how do I make the best of everything that I have?

Before we start digging into what you can do to turn your new lawn from an ugly duckling to a swan, let’s talk about what NOT to do.

  • DON’T (ever) cut more than one-third off the top of the grass blades at any one time during those six weeks or so. It may seem like it would give you a quick fix for all the brown patches, but it actually takes away important nutrients and causes more problems in harming your turf area. Instead of making use of bagging clippings for composting, leave them on the lawn as mulch.
  • DON’T overwater or underwater your new sod lawn, either. You should water your lawn no more than once a day, and you can do it as much as two days in a row. Then, allow the grass blades to dry out before you water again.
  • DO (exactly) what is recommended on the watering guide that comes with the sod or that you get from your landscaper. Most folks tend to overwater far too often — even up to twice a day — and this will also take away nutrients and actually damage your new lawns soil structure, which could lead to fungus diseases like the brown patch or dollar spot. Overwatering gets rid of oxygen and depletes minerals in the soil.
  • DON’T use herbicides anywhere near where your sod was laid down until after it has been established (usually within six weeks).
  • DO use an organic weed killer, which you can make yourself with one gallon of vinegar, 1/2 cup salt and a little liquid dish soap. Spray it on the weeds, wait for it to work its way through the leaves into the roots and then water well to leach it down deep into the soil.
  • DO keep off your new lawn as much as possible for about two weeks so that you don’t damage any newly laid sod by walking or driving over it too soon, otherwise, it will compact the soil and prevent air from helping the soil and grass thrive. If you need turf Milton Keynes then it’s best to buy the best quality proucts from aocal supplier. The emphasis needs to ben. on quality and speed of delivery, so do pick the right supplier for the task at hand!