Published by Chris on December 26, 2017

What makes for a fantastic restaurant garden?

Today we’re going to be focusing on commercial gardens and restaurants in particular. We’ve all popped down to our favourite local restaurant or pub for a meal and enjoyed the food outdoors at some time in our lives, but what actually makes for a good commercial garden?

Weather Protection

For us, the number one priority has to be weather protection. This is purely because here in the UK we can be blessed with bright blue skies at 2pm in the afternoon during the peak summer months, but then grey clouds and spots of rain just 30 minutes later. You can never actually rely on the sunshine being present all day in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales, but when you’re enjoying a meal outdoors; you are going to need protection from sun, wind and rain all year round. For some restaurants and pubs, it’s simply a case of installing commercial umbrellas above their tables, and these should be easy to open and close so guests can quickly change the environment to enjoy the sunshine on offer or protect themselves from wet weather.

Pretty Flowers and Plants

Of course, like any garden, it’s important to be pleasing to the eye, and this is where beautiful collections of flowers and plants will come in handy. It’s no secret that during the summer months many restaurant owners pay landscapers to get their gardens looking good with fresh plants, and this is an important part of creating an inviting space for paying customers.

Comfortable furniture

Comfortable furniture is going to be required if you want to draw customers to your garden, so having comfy cushions on chairs, appropriately sized tables and perhaps even some outdoor heaters can help ensure people enjoy their meal outdoors. Even in the summer months, an outdoor heater will have its advantages, taking away the bite of the breeze.

Tidy Pathways and Borders

A nice tidy pathway is not just important in terms of looks, but also safety too. If you’re a restaurant owner, you may want to make sure paths are well-lit so people can easily find their way to tables without there being too many obstacles in the way. Garden borders like fences and mature trees and shrubs should also be well cared for. For fences, this will be painting or oiling and repairing any issues, whilst for trees, it can be a case of trimming them and making sure there are no damaged branches about to tumble down.

As is the case with domestic properties, there is a great deal that restaurant owners can do to make their gardens look welcoming all year round for paying customers, but with careful consideration paid to each of the outdoor elements required, you can create a garden that draws in the customers and keeps them coming back for more. Another wise option could be installing children’s play areas so that the garden has a family-friendly feel, but be sure to keep this area away from the tables so other customers have the opportunity to enjoy their meal in peace without any distractions.