Published by Chris on November 17, 2017

Providing the perfect habitat for hedgehogs in your own back garden

Hedgehogs were once a common animal, but due to the decrease in available habitats, they are becoming extremely rare.

Creating somewhere for hedgehogs to live in your back garden is very easy, all you need is an old piece of wooden board that you can lean up against the edge of your garden. Once this is in place cover the wood and surrounding area in leaves and twigs, and if you can, allow this area to grow wild. The more wild plants there are, the better the hedgehogs can feed on these to survive.  This provides great shelter and protection for the hedgehogs.

Leave food out to help them survive over the winter, such as peanuts/ peanut butter mixed with chopped cat food. This will help the hedgehogs grown string and keep them warm through the cold winter.

Start making the perfect habitat for hedgehogs in your own garden and help preserve the wildlife and prevent them from becoming extinct.