Published by admin on June 26, 2015

Simple Ways of Cleaning Residential Awnings

Homeowners have the option of choosing from a diverse range of residential awnings. Whatever the type, all such artificial fabrics are capable of preventing harsh ultraviolet sunrays from entering into homes. Furthermore, they boost the aesthetic appeal of a given property on which they have been applied. However, these decorative materials are installed outside, implying they have to deal with harsh weather patterns time and again and also can become very dirty.

Cleaning the sunshades at least twice every year can help to restore their original look and feel. It also helps a lot taking them down during the exercise as it helps to clean harder-to-reach regions more effectively. Several steps are involved during this operation.

Brushing Off Dirt and Debris

It is necessary to wash the synthetic canopies thoroughly using a solution. This undertaking requires use of a brush for removal of loose debris and dirt. The brushing off exercise helps in preventing the awning fabric from becoming soaked with dirt as washing is done. Local janitorial supply stores offer brooms and soft cleaning brushes which one can use to clean up the dirty areas. Ensure removing dirt from the top and underneath sections of the canopy. Make use of a ladder to reach difficult areas for this purpose.


The solutions applied for cleaning functions should not incorporate any harsh ingredients since such products could cause the fabric to fade off or get stained. Utilizing hot water is commendable as it expedites the removal of stains. It is easy to formulate a home-made washing solution. This is achieved by mixing 2 oz of dish-washing liquid for every gallon of water. Begin the washing exercise by scrubbing the synthetic material through using a brush that is dipped into this solution. You might need a harder brush however to remove tough stains.


Once done scrubbing, the next step is soaking the awnings completely with a garden hose. Ensure paying specific attention to the corners and undersides. There are chances of the canopy getting discoloured or streaked if traces of detergent remain behind. As such, ascertain all traces of detergent are extracted from the fabric. It is vital as well to thoroughly check it to ensure the soap gets removed completely. Once through with the rinsing process, proceed to check for any signs of dirt left and scrub again the areas concerned.

Clean Metal Canopies

A good number of users find it much easier cleaning metal sunshades as opposed to fabric ones. Utilizing an emulsifying detergent of high quality, aids in performing proper cleaning in such cases. Still, a pressure washer is needed when applying the detergent. Most of the grime and dirt is removed from the metal canopy through the high-speed spray. Allow the material some few minutes to set after cleaning it with the pressure washer, which you should again employ alongside plain water for thorough rinsing operations. Rubbing some wax helps add a finishing coat after the canopy becomes dry.

Residential awnings ought to be cleaned as per the instructions issued by the manufacturer. You can also find other useful cleaning tips online from blogs and articles addressing this subject.