Published by Chris on July 25, 2015

Gardening- Bring nature inside your home

Gardening is the best way to connect with nature and its beauty hence, brings life and positivity all around your home. It is the activity of working in a garden, growing and taking care of the plants for making it attractive and appealing. Under this, plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables and fruits are grown in the outdoors of the home.

Types of gardening

· Indoor gardening- it provides healthier atmosphere to your home. Under this, the indoor plants are arranged inside a home in a pleasing manner which offers various health benefits to the inhabitants.

· Residential gardening- It is an effective and healthy way of growing plants and vegetables on the terrace, or balcony, or in a window box or on a patio of your home.

· Container gardening- The practice of growing plants and vegetables especially in pots instead of planting them on the ground. It is an easy way of plantation in containers as they can be moved from one place to another without disturbing the plants.