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Published by Chris on August 30, 2020

Small gardens and how to make the most of the space

When it comes to small gardens it can feel quite a challenge to provide a feel of space and interest.  Zoning a garden is important no matter what its size.  The idea is to have an area for seating or dining, planting and lawn space.  Seating and DiningProviding a seating area in your garden will…

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Published by Chris on July 20, 2020

Tropical Paradise At Home On A Budget

Oh, how we love the surroundings of the tropical beaches lined with palm trees. The relaxing feel sitting at a tiki bar, lazing on a hammock listening to the steel bands play. Getting this tropical feeling at home can be made possible with some clever hardy planting, decorations and seating. Tropical plants and palm trees…

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Published by Chris on July 12, 2020

Will fabric awnings perform well in wet weather?

Most awnings are weather-resistant and can withstand light showers, while certain awning types are designed to be waterproof and may also help to guard your patio area. If you’ve already read up on veranda awnings, or waterproof awnings, you’ll likely know a few models that protect against high winds and heavy rainfall, yet provide you…

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Published by Chris on April 23, 2020

Is gardening good for you?

You may not have ever considered the health benefits of gardening. Too many people see gardening as a rather tedious chore, yet some absolutely love every minute of it. There are, however, many health benefits worth detailing, so here goes: Gardening burns tons of calories It can lower your vital sign Spending time outside is…

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Published by Chris on March 28, 2020

Why are garden gates so crucial for home security?

The garden gate acts as an entry point to the house. It’s the first impression, so it may be surprising that it is usually overlooked when it involves home security. Alongside security lights, alarms and CCTV cameras, we glance at the different sorts of garden security which will help keep your house safe and burglars…

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Published by Chris on October 6, 2019

Camassia Bulbs – Why we love them!

When planted in a sunny spot or a partially shaded position, these glorious plants deliver a range of starry flowers in the months of May and June, giving your garden the colour it needs as it heads into summer. They require no special treatment but like a fertile, moist well drained soil, but they’re also…

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Published by Chris on September 19, 2019

The Types Of Patio Awnings

If you’re looking for a nice addition to your garden or patio, you should consider the many attractable awnings available. With many people trying to find additional ways to add value to their properties, some are turning to their gardens as a quick win. If you already have a patio, you could consider an awning….

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