Published by Chris on March 25, 2022

Garden Awnings – Should I Install One?

Garden awnings are a great option for adding permanent shade to your garden seating area. But, should you really install one?

When considering if a garden awning is right for your property you need to think about all of the benefits it is going to bring. One of the main benefits is permanent shade at a high standard. There will be a covered area for you all year round. Allowing you to enjoy your garden no matter what the weather is like.

Following from this point, it is a permanent fixture. This may not be a benefit for all as it will be up all year round. It will be fixed to your property which may leave damage if you are not careful when installing and removing.

Whilst this can bring extra value to your property. You may find that people are put off viewing your property due to the fixture. If it is not ideal for them, you may find your property is more challenging to sell.