Published by Chris on January 28, 2021

What Are The Best Spring Bulbs For Beginners?

If you have experience with gardening and you know how to grow perennials and annuals, you may be ready to start with bulb gardening. Even though bulbs are typically planted differently from other plant types, they are relatively easy to maintain and plant.

Here is a list of some of the best bulbs to plant in your garden before spring:

1 Snowdrops

Also known as Galanthus nivalis, Snowdrops are one of the reliable varieties that prefer partly shaded, damp, rich conditions.

2 Crocus

Jewel-coloured crocus bulbs are particularly pleasing once planted in large swathes in your garden. Crocus plants should be planted in autumn away from areas that are densely shaded.

3 Daffodils

The sunny and bright yellow Daffodils are a true indication of the start of spring. They make for the ideal spring-blooming bulbs.

4 Tulips

Tulips come in an extensive range of varieties, with so many options to choose from. You can choose a single colour or two or three different colours that work well together. It is recommended to choose varieties that grow to a similar height and will flower together. Some ideas include combining Tulipa “Queen of Night” a dark and vibrant purple flower, with Tulipa “Pink Diamond” a soft pink flower. Or a fiery and bright combination with a red Tulipa “Uncle Tom” with a bright orange Tulipa “Ballerina”.

5 Hyacinth

The fragrant blooms and unusual shapes of the well-known hyacinth make these flowers one of the most popular choices when it comes to spring bulbs. Similar to the daffodils, plant these bulbs at the beginning of autumn, and they should start to flower between March and April. Varieties of Hyacinth, like the Delft Blue, will usually flower around Christmas time.

6 Iris

The Iris comes in many colours and sizes. Some of the varieties to choose from including the tall bearded Iris, that usually flower in May, or a smaller variety like the Dwarf Iris, that typically flowers in April. Plant these bulbs in August or September, in an area that receives direct sunlight.

7 Allium

“Purple Sensation” is one of the best varieties of the Allium bulb, since it looks fantastic. The only drawback about these flowers has to do with the leaves that start dying off once the flowers start taking off.

8 Lily Of The Valley

Fragrant, delicate, and elegant, it comes as no surprise that Lily Of The Valley is still one of the most popular flowers. Once well-established these flowers create a vibrant and lush green foliage carpet, which creates a stunning contrast for the white flowers.