Published by admin on December 21, 2015

Types of Awning Designs from Markilux and their Architectural Glamour

There are various incidents that can make you realise the need to get an awning. Unceremonious afternoon rains which may interrupt your outdoor event either at the office or at home is one example. Your doors and walls may also crack or peel off frequently as a result of changes in weather, sparking a streak of unwinding costly repairs. In some instances, you may want to get an awning for sheer aesthetic or architectural beauty, all these being feats that Markilux awnings can help you attain with a touch of spectacular glamour.

Futuristic Awning Designs

Markilux is a trusted brand name in the world awnings because the company standouts as an ingenious design trend setter. The dimensions of its architectural intents are mainly inspired by creative use of space. If you want to transform a veranda that comprises of nothing but a simple staircase into an elegant outdoor dining or party area, for instance, Markilux galaxy MX-1 is a perfect pick. Its wave-like roof design gives more overhead room that works well with natural lighting elements and a mix of modern architectural visual tricks to grant world class building extensions.

Markilux 869 tensioned tracfix is on its part designed to turn patios into elegant rooms with the ability to steer off unwanted changes in weather. If your patio already has a roof that rests on beams or pillars, all you need are the measurements between the supports and the roof to establish how far apart the retracting reels should be placed with an aim obtaining a Markilux awning that can roll downwards or sideways to create a blinder-like wall with the ability to offer ultimate protection against strong winds, sunrays, gales, rains or snow.

The freestanding designs are made to enable you to take the shade where you want it, whenever you want to. Therefore, if your desire is to create a haven of tranquillity at the heart of your compound, garden or next to the swimming pool, where there are no supporting structures, free standing Markilux awnings are your best bet because they come with intricately designed metallic supports that are both corrosion and rust free.

In case you don’t need an awning that projects from above your front door wall all the time, you can go for the 5010 model which is designed with a set of folding arms, making it possible for you to have the awning only when you feel that it’s absolutely necessary. The design is apt for people who barely stay at home given that they can take them down easily and keep them safely to guard against theft. It’s also a unique way of keeping your awning away from various weather conditions which may wear it out and make it lose color and ambiance within months of purchase and installation.

Design Attributes

Markilux awnings come in various shapes, colours and sizes; hence there is no space or interior décor aspirations that the awnings can’t grace. The awnings are globally respected for their quality whether they are meant to be part of a commercial or a residential setup. Investing in a Markilux awning is subsequently widely considered to be one of the best ways to improve a commercial or a residential building’s beauty, value and comfort.