Published by Chris on October 24, 2015

Protect your fingernails while gardening

Gardening spoils the fingers especially the nails as a lot of soil gets stuffed in the finder nails. The soil could spoil the quality of the nails and make it look dirty. You should know how to protect your fingernails while gardening. Read the various ways mentioned below:

· Take a dry soap bar, cleaning brush and petroleum jelly.

· Once you finish gardening, scratch the bar soap with your nails to make sure the soap gets stuffed in your nails.

· Dip the cleaning brush in water and scrub it in the inner area of your nails as this would help in getting rid of the dirt.

· Wash your hand with clean water.

· Use petroleum jelly to coat your nails so that they do not get tear up after the process of cleaning.

· The other best way is to wear gardening gloves and prevent the dirt from entering the nails.