Published by Chris on December 23, 2020

Proper Winter Care For Your Turf Will Help It to Make it Through the Cold Weather

Winter is a time when you will prefer to stay indoors and near the warmth of a fire or other heating systems. This is a luxury that is not available to your grass lawn or turf, which has to contend with the low temperatures and probably snow. How then can you keep your turf looking fresh throughout the winter?

There are a few things you can do before winter sets in so that your lawn can stay healthy even in the harsh winter. The time leading up to winter is also a time when conditions are just right for germination of seeds as the temperature is cooler, while the soil is yet slightly warm. You should overseed the grass and allow the seedlings enough time to develop. Use a seed spreader and water the lawn at least three times a day till the seeds germinate. This can take anywhere between 7 and 21 days. Watering can then become once a day after the grass has grown an inch tall. Fertilize the grass well before winter sets in, as it will strengthen your turf to deal with the frost.

Before the winter really sets in, clear your grass of all the leaves that have fallen, as if they remain there your seeds will find it difficult to germinate. Raking the grass will stir the soil on the surface as this can support the roots of the grass. You also need to remove all the weeds as allowing them to remain can kill the grass. They will also deprive the turf of the nutrients that it needs. Any mowing that you do of the grass, at this time, must leave the grass slightly longer, as then the grass will form deeper roots, that can help it to get through the winter. Do not leave the grass too long as then it can get matted.

During the winter, it is best to refrain from mowing your lawn if it rains, as lawnmower on wet grass can damage the roots and lead to the grass getting killed. If you want your grass to remain healthy in the winter, it is best you stop walking on it and see that all the other members of your family also exercise this same discipline. Grass trampled on in winter can lead to a reduction in its survival rate. Take care to remove all furniture and other objects that you normally keep on your lawn in warmer days. If ice or snow forms on the lawn, clear it as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for turf Nottingham or just need to explore different ways of revitalising your lawn so that it’s fresh and vibrant when springtime rolls around, we have you covered. These steps can lead to your turf surviving the winter — and give you all the pleasure of seeing a lush green surface when the winter bids goodbye.