Published by Chris on April 9, 2015

Is gardening a hobby or a chore? Here’s one view about it…

Gardening is a hobby, a pastime, a favorite activity that keeps elderly persons engaged for longer time. With growing age, individuals usually lose strength and find themselves incompatible in anything productive, for them gardening is a good time pass. Researchers say that gardening help them revive their mental strength and reduce monotony. So today, doctors encourage elderly people to get into gardening as this, fun-activity helps them to be with nature, which is definitely good. The soothing petals of flowers, tender skin of leaves, lush greenery revitalize their body and mind, making them more focused towards life.


Passionate elderly people can turn their garden a counter for earning money; they can cultivate seasonal flowers and grow fruits and gradually develop relation in market and sell their items. It will get them cash and enhance their lost confidence. Since world, today running behind organic foodstuff so freshly grown fruits will get definitely, get them revenue big time.