Published by Chris on May 29, 2019

How can natural wood add warmth to the exterior of your property?

We all know that timber offers designers a combination of aesthetic, environmental and sensible benefits, but what about the advantages of double wooden gates for the exterior of you home. How can you boost security with two layers of natural wood? Well let’s first get into the aesthetic benefits and these include:

  • Timber is jus a natural material, so it offers heat and comfort.
  • It’s striking in grain and colour.
  • Wide convenience of designs, textures and choices encourages style innovation.
  • It’s can be so easily restored or redecorated, lasting decades.
  • The older gets the more character it develops.

There are plenty of environmental rewards too. You probably wouldn’t think this because it means cutting down trees, but there are plenty of places where you can source timber without chopping down more trees, and may timber merchants play a pivotal role in developing new forests and ensuring trees are not needlessly axed down like they once were. Some green benefits include:

  • Timber is a natural resource.
  • Low carbon footprint – needs less energy to supply than the other construction materials.
  • Growing trees take away CO2 from the atmosphere. But by using wood it stimulates the growth of managed forests.
  • Major potential for re-use or utilisation at finish of life. For example, reclaimed wood is now highly popular and found on many different timber merchants websites.

Practicality is also important. And these are a few advantages with wooden double gates:

  • It’s going to be robust, especially when denser hardwoods like oak are used.
  • It offers protecting and ornamental benefits.
  • Wide selection of softwoods, hardwoods can be used to suit all budgets.
  • Performance of low sturdiness is increased by preservative treatments.
  • Surface finishes may be applied to feature to or alter the looks and provides extra protection. It also adds more character.
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • Appropriate for each new build and renovation comes.
  • Simple repairs.
  • Dry installation suggests that external envelope is faster to put in
  • Elimination of serious masonry outer walls reduces size and price of foundations.
  • Protective cover panels is also manufacturing plant pre-fabricated complete with insulation and breather membrane.

As temperature change and CO2 reduction continues, there is a growing importance in choosing the right building style, and timber provides the perfect price effective resolution. Specifying timber has major environmental advantages over different materials and you have read about most of the common benefits in this article. With gates in particular, we understand that metal can be very strong and look attractive, but wooden gates are even more popular because they’re naturally strong and very attractive, offering the right style for modern and traditional properties. Most gates are designed with strength, safety and durability in mind, but not all gates are designed to look attractive, which is odd because it can be a focal point of your residence. So do take your time before making a final decision.