Published by Chris on December 1, 2020

Glass Patios Make for a Beautiful Addition to Your Home

A patio is an additional space for your home, and often a private space for you and your family to relax or entertain. It can be covered to give you a well-protected space that allows you to use the patio all year round. Enclosing it in glass can covert it into a solarium, and space where your indoor plants can thrive and make the patio all the more usable and enjoyable.

Glass patios are sleek, contemporary and exceptionally stylish, so they can add a significant chunk to your home’s value, but we understand the most important aspect is functionality. So how will a glass patio enhance your lifestyle?

To start the building of your glass patio, decide on its location and the entrance point from your home. Most patios extend into the backyard or side space and are ideally attached to one of the rooms of the house. Size is what you need to decide next, and this will depend on the use you intend to make of the patio. Consider the sort of furniture that you will have in it, as this can have an impact on the size. Your glass patio can have all the walls made of glass, and the roof as well. Your decision can have an impact on the cost.

Your patio can be a place where you can gather with your family or a small intimate place where you can read a book or have a confidential meeting with a friend. Do you want to entertain there? Then you may have to make provision for a bar and some additional seating space. Once you have decided the size of your patio, look at the various alternatives for covering it with glass. You can use glass in one wall, or two walls, or all walls that face the outside. This will depend on where you have located the patio with respect to the walls of the house.

You will also need to decide whether you want the roof also to be made of glass, as this will convert it into a solarium. Decide also on the sort of frames you want, and the material for the same. This can be wood, aluminium, or PVC, and your choice can influence the cost. Glass used for patios makes the walls massive pathways for heat and cold, and may be required to be energy efficient. You can also use sliding glass on some of the walls, so that you have a direct approach to the outside, and can serve as doors.

Finally, give your ideas to reputed contractors who carry out such work and obtain quotations for glass patios. You may require some modifications to your ideas to fit the budget that you have, and you should always get a deadline, as the last thing you’ll need is an installer who causes delays and frustration.