Published by Chris on February 17, 2016

Fencing with a nightmare neighbour

It’s the one thing many neighbours throughout the UK squabble over; fencing. In most cases, you’re solely responsible for one side; either the left fence or the right fence. That means, you don’t have complete control over the look of your garden. If you have a neighbour to your right who’s responsible for the fence dividing you from them, and they’re happy to patch it up with old doors, shed panels and whatever else they can lay their hands on, your garden could be looking a little worse for wear.

All you can do, legally speaking, is ask them to replace the fence with a new one, but they may simply decline, and this may in turn ruin the look and feel of your garden. Stay friendly with your neighbour or offer a helping hand if you’re keen to get that tired fence replaced, they may then feel more inclined to carry out the work.