Published by Chris on April 21, 2021

5 Of The Easiest Crops To Grow

While everyones opinions differ on the matter of which crops are the easiest to grow. We are going to share with you our top 5 of the easiest crops to grow, those that are perfect for beginners.

During our time of growing crops we have found one of the easiest to grow is carrots. With you only needing to plant the seeds at the correct depth and distance apart, following on with often watering. You will be resulted with lovely large carrots depending on the depth of your growing area.

Similar to carrots, these are a fairly easy crop to grow, despite what people may think. The only issue with growing potatoes is that they do need extremely deep soil to grow successfully. But if you have the soil sorted, growing potatoes is fairly simple, you essentially just need to water them every so often and harvest them after 10-20weeks.

Beetroot is an excellent root vegetable that is very simple to grow. With you only needing to water them every 10-14 days when the ground is dry. Keeping an eye on them and harvesting them once they reach golf ball or cricket ball size.

Another easy to grow vegetable for any beginner is peas. With the most difficult aspect of growing peas being having something for them to grow up. You can pick peas to eat on the go, these will be extremely delicious. Luckily for us, the more you pick peas, the more they’ll grow!

Last but not least, onions are one of the easiest crops to grow. With you just needing to plant the bulbs with the tips above the ground and water only during dry spells. Harvesting them when the leaves from the plant die-off. You will find that these are an extremely easy crop to care for.